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Founder - Apostle Dr. Bishop G Thomas

I was born and raised in Nominal Christian family, After I Finished my Pre University Course in College,I wanted to became a gang leader, for 8 years I was a gang leader and anti Christian, My Sins were intolerable. While I was living in this sinful life,God spoke to me,and Called to serve Him.I fasted and prayed for 40 days, While fasting and praying I received the anointing of Holy Spirit and started speaking in tongues,God gave me gift of healing and casting out evil spirits, At that time I was working for my state,I Resigned from my job and went to Bible college, After I finished my bible school I returned to my home town as God commissioned and started Ministry among non Christians,But for 3 years no one believed my changed life because of Jesus' salvation.After 3 years people started to believe me,God healed thousands of people life's and Thousands of people have been delivered from evil spirits,By His Grace I started the Gospel work among tribal, untouchable, and backward class people, Because of the Miracles happening, thousands have been baptized and come to Christ, God Put a burden in my heart for Children I started a Children's home with 10 Children, we take care of Orphan, Single parent's children, HIV, Crippled, leprosy parent's childrenstreet begeres and Poor family's Children,Presently we have 15 Children homes with over 300 Children,We take care of them providing Food, shelter, clothes, and Education, over the years 5000 Children have Benefited in our Children homes, In 2007 I started a Nursing College after Children finish there high school we have sent girls for Nursing and Boy for lab workers training and certification,We do marriages among our Children who are brought up in our homes, we send them out when they can live on their own, One day when I was visiting houses I saw a leper who was begging in the street for food,No one was going near him therefore I went and spoke with him and prayed for him. he told me the pain in the leprosy community was going and Problems their children are facing,I started working among them, meeting the needs of lepers, and brought their children to our children home and took care of them, we have been doing more than 40 crusades a year,In India our Crusades will go to after 11 pm,and I pray for every single person who need prayers,I started driving home and saw so many homeless elderly people sleeping beside the road,they stay there even it rains or is cold because they don't have any place to stay,I called all our pastors and told them that we have to do something for elderly homeless,we started shelters for the elderly homeless,Any one who is elderly can come and get food from our Shelters, My goal is to reach the unreached areas, tribal, and backward class people,Pastors who work there,can not meet the needs,So we help the Pastor need,Provide them with bike and motorcycles to travel miles for Gospel, I am Blessed with my wife and son who are working hard along with me to build the Kingdom of God,

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Your Brother and Sister in Christ
Apostle Dr G.Thomas and Mary Grace.

Vice President / International Representative - G S Thomas Jr

When he was a kid he has some health issues which doctors cannot help. God has healed him. He is serving the Loard since 2003.

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